International Operations

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TVBI Company Limited (TVBI) is the foremost global Chinese TV media operator specializing in marketing and distribution of premium TVB Chinese productions across the world. Its continually expanding business domain includes brand new overseas online TV service, TVB Anywhere; TV channel and programme licensing; Mainland China operations; overseas pay TV business; and international advertising sales. In this era of disruptive changes, TVBI diligently reinforces the format of collaboration with overseas business partners by utilizing the latest digital technology, bringing the most flexible and optimised TV programming packages to worldwide audiences. TVBI’s operations span more than 200 countries and regions. Throughout the years, goodwill of the TVB brand and its star power reinforcing programme and channel promotion have earned widespread praise in the TV industry. Embracing globalization and facing up to the challenges in the realm of new media, TVBI shall seize each and every rewarding opportunity to resolutely enhance the exclusive entertainment experience for Chinese viewers across the world.

Over-The-Top TV Service (OTT)

TVB Anywhere is the only legitimate OTT platform showing TVB programmes overseas. Employing in-house developed OTT box and mobile app, and bolstered with sophisticated content distribution network and the newest compression technology, TVB Anywhere breaks free of geographical constraints and delivers high definition, stable and pleasurable viewing experience to Chinese audiences in 200 countries and regions with internet access. TVB Anywhere has a competitive edge over industry counterparts, enabling the provision of 20 TVB selected and acquired channels to overseas Chinese viewers. Furthermore, this OTT service has expanded beyond the Chinese sector and into the realm of dubbing programmes in other languages such as Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Thai and Burmese, providing channels with more engaging content, functionalities and language options, not to mention 7-day catch-up function of the selected flagship channel. Meanwhile, TVBI has achieved notable success in the war against copyright infringement in different parts of the world. Overseas viewers are assured of comprehensive premium entertainment experience. 

TV Channel and Programme Licensing

TVBI has been steadfastly developing its global business in TV channel and programme licensing since 1970s. Today, by means of different formats of collaboration including direct selling and appointing agents, TVBI works with TV stations, licensed distributors, digital platforms and new media operators in different regions in providing TVB self-produced content, acquired programmes, selected channels and video-on-demand services. TVBI is always keen on exploring new opportunities in overseas markets. Original programmes have been produced to reach diverse viewer groups in Malaysia and Singapore. Furthermore, variety shows infused with authentic local touches and prestigious TV award ceremonies have also been specifically produced for these two regions, significantly consolidating TVBI’s market position in these overseas Chinese TV sectors. As for Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Lao, TVBI is also determined to pursue new business opportunities and let overseas viewers enjoy different genres of premium programmes; provide even more agreeable TV programming packages; and achieve outstanding performance results in the industry.

Mainland China Operations

Television Broadcasts China (TVBC) is a joint venture company of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), China Media Capital (CMC), and Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Since its founding in 2012 with “Preserve Chinese Civilization and Perpetuate the Essence of Entertainment” as its motto, TVBC has been the bridge for reaching out to audiences in Mainland China. TVBC is currently responsible for programme licensing and new media project development. During the first several years, a mobile app has been specifically developed for delivering TVB dramas to subscribers. Moreover, participation in numerous key international TV and entertainment events has initiated strategic collaboration projects, thus further consolidating the TVB brand and its recognition on the Mainland.

Overseas Pay TV Business

TVBI has established a firm foothold in overseas markets. It operates Chinese-language pay TV services in Australia and the USA, which are one of the largest, most watched and renowned Chinese-language pay TV services in the two territories. In recent years, distribution of TVB programmes has been continually expanding. Switching from satellite transmission to OTT service and other technological enhancements, more selected channels and programmes are delivered across international boundaries. Apart from carrying TVB channels, our overseas platforms also provide popular third party’s channels as a one-stop service. They organise a number of large-scale promotional events annually to facilitate exchanges and establish a good relationship with the local Chinese communities.

International Advertising Sales

TVBI is always ready to advise international advertisers on advertising and sales plan and one-stop promotional strategy, making the best use of a global pervasive network and achieving the benefits of targeted advertising for clients. Meanwhile, to keep up with multi-media advertising trend, TVBI has enhanced new media advertising sales service to meet global clients’ needs. Cross platform mobile apps, internet TV, websites and social media are all comprehensively and strategically covered under TVBI new media mastery. Specific consumer groups are precisely targeted. Furthermore, TVBI has an international network of advertising sales centres at specific locations where staff are always ready to listen to clients attentively and serve them diligently.


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